Monday, September 26, 2005

First Post!


In October I will be starting a new job that involves lots and lots of travel. And, as I found out today, almost all travel will include staying at Hiltons throughout the country. As my current co-workers discovered (as I stood on my desk and yelled, "I get to stay at HIL-tons!!!"), I am very excited about this idea. I am sure my presence will be missed on the 21st floor.

It occurs to me that one might think I am a materialistic being, based on the fact that I place such high value on the concept of frequenting HIlton hotels. Oh, contraire! (Well, maybe just mostly contraire...). I've spent a fair amount of time on the road in jobs past (OK, "jobs" should have been singular there, but whatever), and have found that - for me - pleasure can most certainly be found in the smallest of things when living out of a suitcase. I simply think that the practice of not staying in hotels that have alarm clocks bolted down to night stands, and remote controls that are attached to television sets by 4 foot spiral plastic cords (when the nearest thing to sit on is at least 6 feet away) will be a small thing from which I will find great joy. So, really, I think of staying at a Hilton as an exercise of appreciating the simple pleasures in life.

Well. THAT is certainly an example of backwards thinking and justification at its best....but still, kind of funny :)

Anyhow, I intend to use this blog to document my travels and keep in touch with loved ones. I'm admittedly a pretty bad emailer when it comes to consistency, so I'm hoping this blog will give me a reason to get online and let people know what I'm up to, and maybe I'll even send a few emails in the meantime.

We'll see how it goes...


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